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Configure, operate, and securely deploy your future-proof protocol with Inverter's modular building blocks.

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How Inverter Works

Dynamically configure and operate future-proof smart contracts by assembling extendable building blocks.

Inverter Architecture
Inverter’s protocol architecture subdivides a smart contract into smaller modules, allowing you to design full-fledged protocols seamlessly by assembling modules, switch in and out custom logics, and operate your business without manual development.
Inverter Orchestrator Contract
Inverter uses an Orchestrator Contract to assemble a protocol out of modular, upgradable components. You can switch custom logics in and out, and operate and adapt them as your needs evolve over time, all without doing manual development.
Module Registry
Explore existing use cases and design your custom smart contract with Inverter modules.



Inverter is building low-code operator interfaces for its future-proof protocols


What is the Inverter Protocol?
Inverter is a modular protocol infrastructure for on-chain operating systems. Inverter protocol enables configuring and operating protocols as smart contract workflows that are adaptable and extendable to evolving needs.
How does Inverter enable modularity?

Inverter’s protocol architecture decomposes a smart contract into four module categories: the Authorizer for roles and permissions, the Funding Manager for regulating fund inflows, Logic Manager for business logics and conditions of asset flows, and the Payment Processor for processing asset outflows.

With these module categories, projects can condition how assets flow across different smart contract snippets, designate access rights and permissions for different stakeholder groups, and integrate a diverse set of logic into their protocol.

What are the benefits of building on Inverter's modular architecture?
Building on Inverter's modular architecture provides a secure and flexible infrastructure with direct access to Inverter's readily available modules to efficiently leverage the blockchain technology while minimizing development uncertainties and costs.
Where can I see examples of available Inverter modules?

You can see the list of all the available tested and audited modules in Inverter's contracts wiki.

How can I start using Inverter?
To start using Inverter, you can fill out the Typeform on our website to request an early access. Once you receive your early access link, the Inverter team will reach out to you to help you get started with the platform.

Unlock Future-Proof Protocols with Inverter

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