Utilize the Full Potential of Token Economies

Inverter is the pioneering Web3 protocol for token economies enabling conditional token issuance, dynamic utility management and token distribution.

From Excelomics to Token Economies

Inverter’s protocol technology sets a new standard for projects that want to ensure resiliency of their token and derive optimal value from their token economies.


  • Deploy a token without a need of initial liquidity.
  • Activate agent-based arbitrage bots fro market making.
  • Capture the trading fees of your token.
  • Build a reserve backing for your token.
  • Enable privacy preservation for compliance.

Drag & Drop Web3 Technologies with Built-In Tokenization Models.

Use Inverter’s admin panel for no-code configuration, deployment, and operation of your token economy together with a set of out-of-the-box integrated solutions.  

Module Library

Role Authorizer

Bonding Curve

Payment Processor

Bounty Manager

Milestone Manager

Rebasing Funding Manager

Recurring Payment Manager

Single Vote Governor

Staking Manager

Streaming Payment Processor

Token Gated Role Authorizer

Kpi Staker

Lending Pool Factory

Loan Book Factory

Split Payment




Connect wallet and enter the Control Room


Set parameters & simulate


Deploy with a single click and operate

Inverter is Powering Token Economies Around the World

Web3 Protocol Tokens

Dynamically manage your token supply and utilities while generating a treasury, condition issuance to directly influence protocol activity.

Real World Assets

Customize issuance workflows and bootstrap markets for tokens backed by physical assets or IPs.


Create primary issuance markets and dynamically regulate scarcity for each in-game asset without needing liquidity.

Credit & Obligation Tokens

Tokenize invoice-based receivables to be used in payments with dynamic discounting and conditioned bum logics for efficient credit clearing.

Ecological Assets

Condition the issuance of carbon credits and other ecological assets with custom verification and funding mechanisms.

Community Currencies

Implement a community currency with reserve-backing, custom tax mechanisms, and credit capacity via protocol-owned Automated Market Makers.


Audited and Battle-Tested Platform 

Inverter is developed with simple and straightforward coding, while its modular architecture minimizes risks by isolating issues.

Our engineering complies with Inverter Security Standard to ensure that every module in Inverter's library goes through rigorous testing, peer review, and security audits to provide quality-assured smart contracts.


  • No-code admin
  • Plug-and-play Module Library
  • Ease of access
  • Well-tested and audited platform
  • TypeSafe SDKs

Inverter Incubation Program

We welcome startup founders to issue their tokens on Inverter, using our plug-and-play modules without any need for coding. We provide complimentary credit and special discount to startups that are accepted into the Inverter Incubation Program.

Join the Community

Enjoy strong bonds among peers with shared ambitions. Test modules and workflows, join a bug hunting quest or develop your dApp and modules.

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